Nov 10


Get ready to blow your audience away. Mark’s 90 minute Performing Arts Event is a highlight of any season. The Live 4D™ Option will sell out fast.

The 4D version requires special glasses. The show work’s great either way, but the 4D option is an amazingly easy marketing tool, and adds A NEW DIMENSiON.

With 3-D in the show’s title, the tickets flew out of the box office as fast as Mark can spit ping pong balls.

– Jeffrey Gabel, Founding Executive Director,Gettysburg Majestic Theater

Mark’s show is appropriate for all ages. He can also tailor his show for any group or age range.

Mark has partnered with Siri Nizer (of iPhone fame) who is his virtual assistant. With Siri in the cast we can run the entire show without additional crew. Mark can bring all lights, sound and video equipment with him, or, plug into your basic light plot, sound system and projector, and give your crew the night off. This allows the show to have thousands of light cues, show automation and effects that would never be possible before. Mark Nizer – A New Dimension in Entertainment, truly is the FIRST one man show.”

One of our most popular events is a family audience that includes all age ranges. The show has several levels of humor and will entertain everyone from the youngest to teens to parents…even grandparents. (Watch a Clip)

Options include School Outreach Events, where Mark and Siri teach critical thinking skills, goal reaching and finding your passion. Since Mark writes all his own material, Mark and Siri can tailor this event to cover any standards of learning requirements.

Contact Us today and bring Mark Nizer to your audience.

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